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Going into all the
 world ... "I AM

GodsWeb is dedicated to God's Word in an attempt to create a knowledge of God's truth concerning the God named "I AM " of the Word.

GodsWeb is focused on creating God's WorldWideWeb as an open forum of short articles on different subject matters concerning the one who claims "I AM GOD".

GodsWeb is open to changes, corrections and submissions to the truth it reveals based solely on God's Word to create "living" articles of life about this God and His truth.














GodsWeb- God's Web is being developed for Him.
GodsWeb: GodsWeb resources and information about the one true God "I AM" at godsweb.com. This website, God'sWeb.com will be utilized to promote the God of the Word and the Word of that God, because this God is the only true God and there is no other true God, only false gods.

Other God Related Domains to be Utilized.
These domains and many more will be utilized to gain an internet presence to help spread the Word of God about the One True and Only God, "I AM"

GodsWeb.com dedicated to God's Word to create God's W.W.W.
GodsWeb is a mission of evangelism utilizing Gods Word and the internet in such a way that it can spread like seed, allowing God to cause the growth on the WorldWideWeb as Gods Web, going into all the world..."I AM". GodsWeb will hopefully become a prominent nucleus for hundreds of spiritual domains with simple "Christian Milk", creating a web or net for the Gospel and power of God to reach out in a way that has perhaps never occurred before, reaching His creation of souls separated from His love and presence. Read More.....

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